Terms of Service


Your rates are calculated based on the information given to us in the “book online” section. We charge a flat rate as opposed to hourly rates. We are a Professional and Legal Cleaning Service that complies with all Texas Labor Laws and Legal Business Operations. This includes Worker’s Compensation, Payroll Taxes, Liability Insurance, and Paid Sick Leave. We also offer competitive Industry Wages and Benefits to our Staff of Paid Holidays, Paid Time Off and Bonuses. Rates are non-negotiable.


Gratuity is not required but always appreciated for a job well done. 10 – 15% is the general rule of thumb. If tips are left at home for cleaners please leave a note.


Due to health and safety reasons, we are unable to clean up mold, human, pest (flea and rodent infestations, etc.) or pet waste and bodily fluids. If we come into a home that requires this type of cleaning we will skip the affected rooms and discount the client accordingly. We do ask to be informed beforehand if this may be an issue.

We do offer “green” cleaning service with additional $10 fee and we do not use products with bleach. Our green cleaning products are all natural and safe for the environment.

We do not climb higher than a 2-step ladder. We do use extension poles for higher items that need dusting and cobwebbing.

Cleaning Techs are required to wear closed toed, non-skid shoes while cleaning. We are not able to provide service for “shoes off” households but we will wear shoe covers at all times.


We understand that life happens. Things come up that you may not be able to plan for. For this reason, we have established a policy that allows for some wiggle room.

We require 1 business days notice to cancel an appointment without penalty.

There will be a 50% cancelation fee for the second occurrence.

If you do not give us this notification three times, service will be suspended.

This also applies to LOCKOUTS, meaning that we are not able to access your home on the scheduled day.

Schedules are always confirmed via email before initial service is started. Please note that Monthly cleanings run on an every 4 week rotation and depending on how the schedule falls, there will occasionally be 2 cleanings in one month. If you forget to add the cleaning schedule to you calendar Lubbock Cleaning Solutions sends out reminders so you never forget.


Cleaning service occurs between 8am- 5pm on your regularly scheduled day. Given that each home that we clean varies in the amount of time it takes to clean, we can not guarantee an exact arrival but we will always send a text notifying each client when we are on our way.


We are a Hispanic-Owned Company. There will generally be 1 – 2 Cleaning Techs assigned to your home after the First Time Clean. Given how scheduling works, we are unable to guarantee the same Cleaning Tech each visit.


Lubbock Cleaning Solutions makes every effort to consistently schedule a predetermined set day that we arrive for each cleaning. If for any reason we need to reschedule due to staff illness or other unforeseen circumstances, we will give you as much notice as possible.


We will discuss arrangements of how to access your home before your first service. Clients generally provide a copy of the house key for the company which alleviates the need for the clients to remember to leave out a hide-a-key or having to wait around to let us in each visit (which also avoids lock out charges).


We accept all major credit cards and PayPal and Square. Currently, we do not have auto-pay but payments can be done in seconds using out payment platform.


Don’t “clean” before we arrive, but do “pick up” as much as possible in areas you would like us to clean. This will allow us to focus more on detail and quality for you. To avoid possible breakage we will not clean heavily cluttered areas (shelving, countertops, etc).


We request that the house be unoccupied during the time of cleaning. This way we can be the most efficient and give the best rate possible. We understand this may not always be possible and it would just need to be something to be discussed before setting up service.

For example, if a client has a home office and is on conference calls, we would need to arrange our cleaning visits around that since we wouldn’t be able to run the vacuum cleaner during that time.

Or if there there is a little one at home, we would want to arrange cleaning time around nap times, etc.


We love them! But please secure any pet that may be a threat. Also, we do not clean up after sick pets or pet accidents.


It’s bound to happen sometimes. We do our best to prevent it and effective communication is very important.

  1. Breakages are rare but do occur. Those are accidents waiting to happen. We are often handling things that aren’t normally touched (pictures not hung securely (e.g. with thumb tacks), top heavy items with unstable bases, wobbly, tippy objects). Each incident is reviewed on a case by case basis. We cannot take responsibility for “booby traps”. Please remove unstable breakables to a place we do not clean (we do not clean inside curios, china cabinets or clear wet bar shelves).
  2. We will pay up to $100 per breakage item, when value is verifiable. If the damage is valued at more than $100, a Liability Insurance Claim and Investigation will need to be opened through our insurance carrier.
  3. In some cases we will have the broken item repaired by a professional restoration company. Breakage values over $25 must be verified before replacement or reimbursement will be authorized. Please save the broken item for our inspection. Breakage must be reported within 30 days of discovery.

To ensure the best quality of service and best rates, Lubbock Cleaning Solutions uses only Company supplies and equipment.

Please do not hesitate to give me a call if you need further clarification on any of our policies. We clean all homes with as much care and respect as possible. When we fail, I seek your communication on the matter. We never want an issue to go unresolved. Thank you for your confidence in allowing us to handle life’s most expensive possession – your home.

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